Azadas, Mattocks, Long Handled Spades, Long Handled Forks, Cromes, Scythes, Sickles, Slashers

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Proprietor: Simon Drummond
Green Tiles, Sandy Lane
W. Runton, Cromer
Norfolk, NR27 9NE
Tel: 01263 837278


Get Digging is a small mail order business with no pretensions to competing with the large garden tool suppliers. The business is based on marketing Azadas and other quality tools not to be found in the normal retail outlets, which normally concentrate on similar ranges of conventional mass-market tools.

Having lived abroad for many years, working mostly in agriculture, I had experienced first hand how much easier these tools make life and the frustration of not being able to obtain them here led me to start the business. For more background see article. For several years I had an allotment which I cleared and cultivated almost entirely with Azadas. I still work two  half-acre gardens with Azadas and rarely use a conventional spade or fork, which I find terribly hard work and very hard on the back.

From these first tentative and very amateurish beginnings some  fifteen years ago, with a compehensive range of just two tools, Get Digging has grown steadily and many thousands of customers all over the UK and even further afield have come to share my enthusiasm for these tools, see what users say. Interestingly, I have received many calls from people who have lived in far-flung places from S. America to Africa to the Far East, recalling with affection their trusty Azadón, Zappa, Jembe, Mekoferia, Chungkul, Chodhali, Matiya etc. and expressing their delight at being able to obtain something similar here.

These tools are made in Spain and are of the highest quality solid forged steel - as one of my engineer customers put it, "You can always tell good steel by its ring and these ring as sweet as a bell." The handles are of eucalyptus or beech, PEFC certified and sourced from the Iberian Peninsula or Southern France.

If you have any questions regarding the most appropriate tool for you, don't hesitate to get in touch and I'll do my best to advise you. If you are in the area, you are very welcome to come and have a look at the tools and try them out. Finally, if you do buy an Azada or any of the other tools, I would always appreciate any feedback, opinions, suggestions and even your ideas about other types of hard-to-find tools which you would like to be more obtainable.


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